Hormones are chemicals our body makes to control various aspects bodily functions. Hormone regulation helps to keep our body running parts of our made by the glands that act to control certain actions of cells and organs. In essence, hormones regulate your body's functions and to keep things running at an optimal level. However, these hormones can become imbalanced or deficient in a condition known as hormone imbalance.

Hormone replacement therapy is one option to treat an imbalance, however, not all options are equal.  BioTE® hormone pellet therapy was created to optimize hormone imbalance. Hormonal imbalances occur when any or all of these important hormones are deficient. Both men and women can experience this deficiency.  

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance include:
Extreme fatigue                          Lack of sleep                          Brain fog                          Joint pain
Mood swings                              Memory loss                           Hot flashes                      Migraines and severe headaches
Anxiety                                       Depression                             Night sweats                    Bladder symptoms
Tension and irritability                Lack of focus                          Weight gain                     Decreased sex drive and performance

Hormonal imbalance has a definite affect on bone health, breast health, brain health, heart health and other crucial systems in the body. Hormonal imbalance is displayed in a mix of both distinct and indistinct symptoms. You may be aware of some immediately, and others may not be noticeable for quite some time.

The type of hormone pellet therapy we provide is called BioTE® hormone pellet therapy. This type of hormone pellet therapy is meant to be hassle-free: BioTE® hormone pellet therapy provides outstanding results with minimal side effects. Pellet therapy is also the only means of hormone replacement that mimics the body's natural daily rhythms.

Benefits of BioTE® hormone pellet therapy are:
It's safe: Hundreds of studies have been completed on hormone pellet therapy, and it has been in use since 1939.

It's clinically effective: With BioTE® hormone pellet therapy, hormones are delivered consistently over several months. Different from other treatment types, experiencing a “roller coaster” effect will not happen.

It's convenient: BioTE® hormone pellet therapy requires just a few treatments each year.

It has a low side-effect profile: BioTE® hormone pellet therapy doesn't increase the risk of heart attack, blood clots or stroke. In fact, it is the best method to increase bone density.


Routine gynecologic exams are an important part of women's healthcare. Whether it is your daughters first annual exam, you are seeking information about contraception, menstrual cycle concerns or menopausal symptoms, we are here for you. We plan to care for you on an up-to-date, comprehensive basis. Together we will establish an individualized plan of care that best fits your specific needs while providing the highest of standards in care.

We offer a variety of specialized surgical procedures including Novasure Endometrial Ablation and Essure Sterilization. You can find additional information about these procedures at www.kirschmd.com.



Our obstetric patients should expect to receive high quality, comprehensive and personal care. We understand having a baby is one of life's most memorable experiences and we plan to provide you with prenatal education and support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period.  We also specialize in high risk obstetric care with a focus on prevention and management of preterm labor, management of pregnancy-induced hypertension, diabetes and multiple gestation pregnancies. 

We view our relationship with patients as a partnership. Our patients are always our first priority as we strive to achieve excellence in women's health care.

Bergan Mercy offers expectant moms the most comfortable and comprehensive maternity services available with spacious, home-like settings and family-friendly guest sleeping accommodations.
Bergan has a Level III NICU, in-house OB/GYN residents, as well as in-house Anesthesia making this a great place to deliver your bundle of joy.

bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

Novasure Endometrial Ablation
If heavy periods have been keeping you from enjoying your life to the fullest, ask Dr. Kirsch today about the Novasure Endometrial Ablation. Novasure is the safe, simple procedure that has been proven to help control heavy menstrual bleeding without any need for hormones or hysterectomy. The endometrial ablation results in periods that either cease or become considerably lighter. This 90 second procedure is conveniently done in an outpatient facility. NovaSure can help put an end to the embarrassment and awkwardness that heavy bleeding can cause so that you can go on with your life. Go to www.novasure.com to learn more and read patient testimonials to the success of Novasure.

Essure Sterilization
If you are unhappy with your current method of birth control and wish to have a more permanent, non-surgical option for sterilization, be sure to ask Dr. Kirsch about Essure. The Essure procedure is a safe and simple alternative to a tubal ligation or vasectomy. This can be done without general anesthesia or surgical incisions, and is covered by most health insurance companies. Essure is 99.8% effective, and offers a hormone free alternative to permanent birth control. If you are considering permanent birth control, and would like to learn more about the Essure procedure and determine if it is right for you, talk to Dr. Kirsch or visit www.essure.com today.